Taiyuan installs some truly shitty ‘public toilets’ for dogs

Unsurprisingly, doggos are not down for being forced into a small, metal cage to poop

Mar 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Hoping to clean up the streets a bit, the Shanxi capital of Taiyuan has recently introduced a couple of “public toilets” for dogs, which have been criticized for being really quite shit.

The doggie toilets are essentially steel cages with a metal bar floor allowing canine excrement to drop to a litter box below. Sanitation officials promised to clean the toilets daily. They reportedly cost the city 2,000 yuan.

However, unsurprisingly, most dogs have been more than a little reluctant to go inside the cramped metal cages, much less do their business inside.

Watch on QQ video.

Admittedly, these shoddy facilities are a bit surprising considering the incredible creativity that China has shown in creating and updating public restrooms for humans. A worker in charge of the project told reporters that the city will work to continue to work to improve public toilets for man’s best friend.

[Images via ChinaNews]


China in bite-sized portions


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China in bite-sized portions.


China in bite-sized portions

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