Toddler gets mom locked out of her iPhone for nearly 48 years

A worker told the mother that she would either have to reset the device to factory settings or wait the half century

After catching her 2-year-old son playing around with her smartphone last month, one Shanghai mom was dumbfounded by the message that now appeared on her screen: “iPhone is disabled. Please wait 25,113,676 minutes and then try again.”

Deciding that she couldn’t actually wait nearly 48 years to access her iPhone again, the woman was forced to head to the Apple Store, where she received some bad news. A worker there told her that her toddler had evidently entered in too many incorrect PIN numbers and now her only realistic option was to restore the phone to factory settings, thus losing all her data.

“My phone has many important files, photos, and contacts,” the woman said in a Pear Video report. “I don’t want to reboot it, but I can’t possibly wait for more than 40 years, by that time I’ll be too old to talk.

Meanwhile, the technician explained that in some versions of iOS your phone will be disabled for variable lengths of time after entering in the wrong passcode — with the penalty going from one minute, to five minutes to half an hour, and then to a random amount of time. “In the worst case scenario, even 80 years is possible,” he explained.

Back in 2014, a Chinese man similarly got locked out of his iPhone for 23,614,974 minutes (almost 45 years) and was forced to restore the device. At the time, the problem was put down to the phone being “jailbroken” — meaning that the device had been hacked in order to run unauthorized software or used in other ways not originally intended by creators.

Meanwhile, Chinese netizens have reportedly suggested that this whole bug can be cleared up by simply syncing the phone to iTunes and entering in the correct password.