Twin brothers marry twin sisters, prepare for life of confusing the hell out of friends and family

A recent wedding in Daqing, Heilongjiang province had guests seeing double with a pair of twin brothers marrying a pair of twin sisters in what we can only assume to be the start of the next great Chinese relationship drama.

The similarly named Zheng Dashuang (郑大双) and Zheng Xiaoshuang (郑小双) tied the knot with the even more similarly named Liang Jing (梁睛) and Liang Qing (梁晴) at a joint wedding on December 3rd. Honestly, we’re not sure which twin married which, though we’re hoping that they are.

The two families met about a decade ago and quickly became friends. Afterward, the mothers soon began plotting and arranging this double “double happiness” (囍) event. The brothers are now 26 years old, while the sisters are 23.

On Chinese social media, netizens congratulated the newlyweds, while also warning them to make sure not to get mixed up during their honeymoon.

Though rare, marriages like this do happen from time to time, there’s even a special name for them: “quaternary marriages.” While the kids from these marriages would technically be considered first cousins, in fact, their DNA will be almost the same as that of genetic siblings. Based on their DNA alone, it will be nearly impossible to figure who the kids’ biological parents are.

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Such arrangements also have the potential to get rather aggravating for friends and family members, not the mention the couples themselves. Last year, a pair of identical married couples in Shaanxi got so tired of people getting them mixed up that they opted for plastic surgery to fix the problem.

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