Two men show off their wealth by burning cash at party, get fined 1,000 yuan

It’s not clear how much money went up in smoke at this most tuhao of competitions

A pair of competitive men have been hit with a fine after being exposed burning money. Talk about a double whammy.

The two were part of a group of revelers who went out drinking recently in Anhui’s Tianchang County to celebrate one friend buying a new home. During the meal, they got into an apparently heated argument about which one of them was richer.

In order to settle this dispute, one proposed a “cash-burning contest” and they soon started taking out 100-yuan notes and setting them on fire with a lighter at the table. It’s not clear how much cash ended up going up in smoke.

This most tuhao of contests was captured on video by one of the other party-goers, who uploaded the clip to Chinese social media where it went viral, eventually catching the attention of local authorities.

Watch on QQ video.

In the end, the two men were fined 1,000 yuan for destroying currency. Presumably, this won’t hurt their bank accounts too bad. After all, they apparently had money to burn.

[Images via Knews]

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