WATCH: Scammer intentionally throws himself into car, disappointed to find it has a dashcam

Though he tried to pretend to be injured for a few moments, he knew the game was up

On Sunday in the city of Dalian, a man standing in the middle of a road spotted a car driving slowly towards him and immediately ran off to throw himself on the vehicle’s fender.

However, his look of pain soon turned to disappointment when he noticed that the car had a dashcam. He gamely went on pretending to be injured for a few more moments, but soon moved aside to allow the vehicle to pass.

Watch on QQ video.

Local police have said that the man suffers from a mental illness and that the two parties are privately dealing with matter.

The man is one of the opportunistic individuals in China who practice the traditional art of pengci (碰瓷), a term that refers to those fearless scammers who throw themselves in front of cars hoping to win some compensation money from drivers. And while this guy may not exactly be a master of the craft, we have seen worse.

For instance, last year, one scammer tried the trick on a cop car at a police station parking lot:

The year before that, another tried it naked:

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