WATCH: Wealthy woman takes her pet alpaca out for walks in Dalian

The animal cost her 30,000 yuan. She actually has two.

A young woman has been turning heads out on the streets of Dalian recently by taking her pet alpaca out for walks.

The woman surnamed Peng spent 60,000 yuan on a pair of alpacas from Australia, one of which, named “Emperor,” she considers particularly adorable and likes to show off.

Sometimes, when Peng gets tired, she lets her little dog take over walking “Emperor.”

“This better not get back to my friends in Australia.”

Other times, she likes to watch as the alpaca rolls around in front of expensive sports cars.

CGTN has framed Peng’s pet as an example for how China’s “rapid economic development” has “greatly reshaped Chinese lifestyles,” leading to a boom in the unusual and exotic pet market.

Watch on QQ video.

For example, a few years ago, thumb-sized monkeys became all the rage among China’s wealthy-class, their popularity not significantly impacted by the fact that they are illegal to own.

Meanwhile, netizens have responded to Peng and her pet with sarcastic shrugs: “I cannot understand the world of the rich. Poverty limits my imagination.”

[Images via Pear Video]