Woman climbs into X-ray machine with her handbag to prevent anyone from stealing it

You got to do what you got to do

On Sunday, one woman in Dongguan couldn’t bear to part with her handbag for even one second. So, when train station security guards insisted that she place the bag in the X-ray machine, she pursued the only sensible course of action, and climbed in after it.

Leading to images like this:

Security footage from the Dongguan East Railway Station shows the woman calmly climbing out of the machine as one befuddled guard can’t help but laugh.

Apparently, the woman was only too happy to send her large items of luggage through the machine, but was extremely hesitant to let her handbag out of her sight, as it contained a lot of cash, and was afraid that someone might somehow steal it as it passed through the scanner.

Afterward, the woman picked up her baggage and hurried off to catch the train.

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In the wake of this incident, Dongguan railway station officials would like to remind you to please not climb into X-ray machines as they give off harmful radiation.