Woman takes ‘wedding photos’ with her grandpa, worried that he won’t live to see her big day

She also got his face tattooed on her arm

Mar 13, 2018 · 3 min read

With no intentions of tying the knot anytime soon, a 25-year-old woman from Chengdu who was worried that her beloved grandfather might not live to see her actual wedding day set up a special photo shoot recently so that he could escort her down the aisle.

The idea came to Fu Xuewei after her 87-year-old grandpa was hospitalized last September with his second stroke in the last two years. With the elderly man also suffering from heart problems, Fu was informed by the doctors that they only expected her grandfather’s health to deteriorate further.

In an interview with the Chengdu Business Daily, Fu said that she was heartbroken by the news. With her parents always busy with work, she explained that her grandparents had essentially raised her, particularly after her mom and dad divorced while she was still in primary school.

Fu said that while her grandfather had always lived a very frugal life, he had also spoiled her at every opportunity. When she has children of her own, she wants to make sure that they remember his face.

And so, in December, Fu took part in a “pre-wedding” photo shoot with her ailing grandpa. While she was dressed in a long, flowing white dress, her grandfather escorted her down the aisle in a dapper suit as the music played.

A short time before that shoot, Fu also came up with another way of showing her love for her grandpa — getting his face tattooed on her right arm.

After three or four hours of excruciating pain, Fu was forced to give up on the tattoo for the time being, telling her grandfather that she would wait a while before going back to add in his necktie and shoulders.

[Images via Sina]


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