World’s longest glass-bottomed bridge opens in Hebei!

Who wants to go with us?

Good news, everyone, your Christmas wish has come true! China has built an even longer glass-bottomed bridge than ever before.

The 488-meter-long bridge opened to the public on Sunday in the Hongyagu Scenic Area of Hebei Province, hanging 218 meters above a valley in Pingshan County on the outskirts of the provincial capital of Shijiazhuang.

Made with 1,077 panes of transparent glass, each one being 4 centimeters thick, the bridge is capable of supporting 2,000 people at one time, but will cap the number at 600.

It’s more than 50 meters longer than the much-hyped glass-bottomed bridge that finally opened in Zhangjiajie last year. That glass bridge, which remains the world’s highest, was forced to shut down not even two weeks later after too many people wanted to walk across it, reopening after a month-long “safety overhaul.”

The last few years have seen a boom in glass-bottomed bridges/walkways in China as scenic areas compete to see who can boast the most terrifying tourist attraction. In that vein, this newest bridge is designed to swing and sway a little bit as visitors walk to the center.

[Images via Xinhua]