Young couple pose for cheerful photo shoot after their home nearly burns down

They warned people to keep them in mind this winter and be careful

After extinguishing a fire that broke out inside their apartment, a young couple decided to make the best of things and pose for unusually upbeat photo shoot.

In a series of selfies posted to Weibo, the two are seen with soot-covered faces smiling for the camera in front of blackened walls inside their charred home in Guilin, Guangxi.

According to the couple, the fire started after a heater they were using to dry clothes short-circuited. After extinguishing the flames with the help of neighbors, they decided that rather than cry over the damages, they should turn the experience into something positive.

On Weibo, they jokingly wished that in this new year, everyone’s life would also be filled with warmth and energy. Meanwhile, they warned people to keep them in mind and be careful this winter.

“This incident has taught us that winter fire prevention is very important… and to face everything with a smile!” the guy tells the camera before fake-laughing.

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[Images via @背驰Arsenal]