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Why do people buy art?

Applying Jobs-to-be-Done to the art world

Push of the situation

In this context, art is competing with jewellery, furniture, even high end accessories like a purse or briefcase.

Magnetism of the new solution

Ontario. Orlin Mantchev for LandStyle

Anxiety of the new solution

Habit of the present

My interview subjects didn’t consider themselves to be collectors by that definition and so they were not in the habit of looking for art or buying art.

How I used these insights

  1. Offering art that either doesn’t require framing or fits into a standard frame size
  2. Offering free shipping within North America
  3. Blogging about art through the eyes of someone outside the art establishment. This means using colloquial, natural language, asking the “dumb questions” so people will find contemporary art less intimidating



Work (startups, marketing) + Play (art, design, travel, life)

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Amrita Gurney

Head of Marketing at Float. I am a lifelong startup marketer and love building great teams and brands. I mostly write about marketing, art and design.