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The “experience economy” is not a new phrase — countless articles have been written over the past several years with varying points of view on what this means in the 21st century. This concept is less defined when it comes to the workforce and more progressive HR & IT leaders are realizing that they must consider the end-to-end ‘candidate to employee to retiree’ experience. It’s no longer just a product, a feature or a service. Because we are surrounded by experiences each day in our personal lives, the workforce has demanded a vastly different experience in the workplace — flipping HR and workforce technology 180 degrees on its head, causing our roles to change — faster than ever.

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Our goal now is to provide a Frictionless Workforce Experience that not only gives the workforce direct access to the tools, service and intelligence they need to excel at their jobs, but doing so in a way that drives engagement or as I like to say, “the shift from adoption to addiction.”’

So, what are the key components of a Frictionless Workforce Experience (FWE)?

The Right Product to The Right People at The Right Moment through The Right Channel

Our new mission should not simply be to bring in a technology product but determine what our new role is in HR/Workforce technology as we implement and deploy a platform to achieve the mission above.

The Right Product — Delivering information through knowledge documents, videos, chat, transactions, process flows, learning content, etc. in a personalized manner that is bitesize, easy to understand and process bites framed not for the HR function, but for an everyday employee or manager.

The Right People — Personalizing the product and insuring that the delivery is relevant to the person receiving it and they a) know what to do with it and b) understand the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) of the content.

The Right Moment — We capture better intelligence by mapping the journey and personas of the workforce to know when they need a product, how that product/service makes them feel and how they consume it. Making sure products/services are available to the workforce when they need it; not before or after; has a huge impact on engagement.

The Right Channel — We must go to them, not expect them to come to us. This means whether it be a mobile device, a smart watch, a paper form, a chatbot or a real human; the channel is key to determining the success of the experience in the eyes of the workforce.

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Where are we today?

We have lived in a world for the last 20 years that has been mainly transactional. We have transactions and data everywhere, often in silos that HR understands but very rarely organized and delivered in a manner that creates a ‘FWE.’ This is not anyone’s fault and we have done nothing wrong, but times are a changing where our focus must shift from the transaction to the interaction and reimaging our future together creates an accretive set of data to move us faster into the future.

At Leapgen combined with our partners at Unleash (formerly HR Tech World), we launched the first of its kind global workforce experience study and released an eBook for your review. The eBook provides an industry a baseline as to where we are today and where we are heading into the future. It is truly important to learn from others as the ability to imagine and create our future will not be placed upon a single person but upon us as an industry.

This first Insights study will focus on the workforce experience as a whole and begin to explore Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at a high level. These insights are not a once a year set of data, but a perpetual learning experience that Leapgen and Unleash are excited to share through pulsing and surveys throughout the year to the community.

Download Frictionless Workforce Experience eBook

At Leapgen, our goal is to help the industry LEAP to the next generation of work. Our time is now and you are now a part of helping us shape the future. Let’s go!

Jason Averbook is the Co-Founder and CEO of Leapgen, a global services firm that works with organizations globally to challenge established thinking, make important decisions and shape their future of work.

Shape The Future

Rethinking The Workforce Experience - One Leap At A Time


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Shape The Future

Rethinking The Workforce Experience - One Leap At A Time

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