In 2018, Will HR Leaders Really Move the Workforce Experience From ‘Adoption to Addiction’?

Our CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen, Jason Averbook, has spoken about the concept of ‘adoption to addiction’ in several keynotes and blog posts. And what he means by this notion is that HR leaders must truly understand who the workforce is, what ‘content’ or information they need, and deliver it to them in a personalized, relevant way. If the workforce gets personalized value, they will keep coming back and engaging within this environment that was developed uniquely for them.

Leapgen and Unleash (formerly known as HR Tech World) market research teams set out to uncover trends around current service delivery models and what HR leaders intend to do to enhance them going forward. What 
we found was encouraging … BUT …

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… there are some significant disconnects or dare I say a ‘chasm’ between delivering “good” HR services and the harsh reality of the “very poor” digital workforce experience that employees — really candidates to retirees — receive. Clearly, there is a great opportunity for vast improvement!

We invite you to join Jason Averbook and Mike Brennan, co-founders of Leapgen for a thought-provoking, unscripted Leap Chat discussing the very interesting results from the joint survey.

It’s gonna be a great discussion. Don’t miss it!

So, what’s required for 2018?

The opportunity here is to deliver HR services through a Frictionless Workforce Experience that not only gives the workforce direct access to the tools, service and intelligence they need to excel at their jobs, but also delivers processes that drive engagement or a shift from “adoption to addiction.”

There are four key priorities you must consider when embarking on a new service delivery model:

1. WORKFORCE EXPERIENCE — HR must be thinking like a marketer and treating the workforce like customers. Valuable concepts, but where do you start? You start where the very best design teams in the world start — Personas. Focus on the value of using personas to design personalized workforce solutions.
2. FOUNDATION DATA — Data is the new oil. In our lives — the what, where, why, how — everything is data. HR has to collect everything about what HR is doing and develop a deeper level of knowledge of the workforce in order to deliver the services required.
3. DIGITIZATION VS. AUTOMATION — HR must take existing processes and reimagine them. You must task yourselves with the ‘consumerization of HR’ technology. This means re-designing processes that does not require an employee to log into a system to, for example, change their address rather a chatbot can swiftly take care of it for them.
5. RESKILLING OF HR — HR leaders must look deep into their own teams and assess what new skills are needed. Skills required include storytelling, data czars, business analysts, marketing / communications, process & design thinking, operations, innovation.

View the LIVE Leap Chat discussion we had on November 14th, 2017 and don’t forget to download the eBook. The study is designed to provide the industry a baseline as to where we are today and where we are heading into the future. It is truly important to learn from others as the ability to imagine and create our future will not be placed upon a single person but upon us as an industry.

It’s time for the industry to LEAP to the next generation of work. Let’s go!

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