Introducing placehodler

Scott Shields
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2 min readApr 1, 2019


Written by Scott Shields and Harry Vane

Lorem ipsum has been ubiquitous in publishing and graphic design — either physical or digital — since as far back as the 16th century. Recently, it’s also become common to create variations on the “classic” lorem ipsum that feature words or quotes from various sources in an effort to inject some variety into dummy text. For example, there are dummy text generators based on almost everything, ranging from Obama to DJ Khaled, and of course (because, the Internet): cats.

That “almost” is an important word. We felt that the world of blockchain and crypto currencies was severely under-represented, and so Shape set out to change that, and bring lorem ipsum into Web 3.0.

So, we created “placehodler”.

And yes, we’re proud of coining the term “placehodler”!

We loaded it with various cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other expressions you’ll recognise in order to help any designers working in the cryptocurrency space to generate more meaningful dummy text for their designs.

Placehodler uses a simple two-step process:

  1. choose how many words or paragraphs you want to generate, then
  2. choose between plain generated text, randomised raw markdown, or randomised HTML (for developers that need to insert these particular formats into their applications before real content is ready)

If you have come across Shape before, you will know that experimenting and using modern technologies to bring our ideas (big and small!) to life is a core part of our DNA.

To build placehodler, we used:

We hope you find placehodler useful, or at least amusing! Let us know what you think about it via, and check out what else we’re up to at!