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Climate Reality Training recap - Kara Eusebio

Global Shapers at the Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps Training in Atlanta, Georgia — March 2019

Of course, no one is the sum of a series of nine words, but these two words (sister and Marylander) summarize the lens through which I viewed my experience in Atlanta.

Newly “green pinned” Global Shapers Climate Reality Leaders in Atlanta

Note: I’m not a scientist and I wouldn’t do the presentation of former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and the other individuals who have devoted their lives to fighting climate change any justice if I tried to explain it. If you’re interested in reading an amazing overview of the training and the impact that climate change is having on our communities and our world, check out fellow Global Shaper Mariel Reed’s fascinating blog post.

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore speaks at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Training in Atlanta
Global Shapers at “A Moral Call to Action on the Climate Crisis” in Atlanta
Global Shapers from six different countries on our way to the Georgia Aquarium

So what’s next for me?

What’s next for our Hub?



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