Finding Your Inner Crypto Pioneer

Are you ready? Your adventure begins now.

Since the advent of language, human beings have been inspired by — — and magnetically drawn to — — the tales of pioneers.

At ShapeShift, the theme of pioneering is the distinguishing thread woven throughout the entire fabric of our recent rebrand.

This pioneering spirit can be seen across our channels, messaging, and illustrative-style —serving as a metaphorical thread that captures the essence of who we are.

Every great story starts somewhere.

Because of this, we’ve been hard at work designing, building and launching the New ShapeShift Platform, a novel and useful solution for navigating today’s crypto landscape.

Mapping the Crypto Pioneer Journey

We’ve blended illustration art, the craft of storytelling, and mythology to hint at what to expect when you experience the New ShapeShift.

Incorporating high-quality, attention-grabbing visuals into our new brand identity was always a no-brainer. But original, branded illustration art? Only the most forward-thinking companies have taken this leap — and the lead, too.

The Call to Adventure

Your adventure begins with a critical first step: Choosing Your Own Path.

What’s the crypto pioneer’s challenge? Navigating uncertain territory in today’s crypto landscape.

Here, the pioneer establishes what’s at stake: achieving the dream of pioneering an alternative, financial future. With this knowledge, returning to the familiar chaos of the Ordinary World is no longer an option.

(Original illustrations are super rad. But having your brand mascot come to life is on another level).

The Mentor

Our iconic fox — ShapeShift’s brand mascot is your constant; your mentor and guide that accompanies you on your Journey. It’s the mentor’s job to prepare you to face what’s ahead through advice, guidance, and a little bit of magic. Now that you’re equipped with the necessary tools to move forward, it’s time to seek out the heart of your journey.

The Reward or Ressurection

The reward — or resurrection — phase is when you’re finally out of the dark. You’ve crossed the abyss of life and death, and nothing will ever be the same. (Fun Fact: From the traditional hero’s journey point of view, the reward often appears as Shapeshifters — representing the archetype of change).

The Resolution

Here, you gain a sense that all conflicts are resolved. It’s your final destination, and you can rest easy with the relief of being in a safe, beautiful, and all-encompassing place. The world is better now.

Pioneer Your Alternative Financial Future

There is no guidebook for change. As a pioneer, you understand that crypto is a constantly evolving landscape.

It’s time to spend less hassle managing it and more time exploring — and throughout it all, you have to be enjoying the journey.

We’ve poured our vision for the future of crypto into the New ShapeShift — we can’t wait to see you there.