CoinCap Mobile — Now Available for Android and iOS

There’s Never a Bad Time for Crypto

With CoinCap Mobile, you can check real-time market data anytime — anywhere.

May 16 · 3 min read

We’re excited to launch the new and improved CoinCap 2.0 Mobile App!

Available now for Android and iOS, your favorite source for real-time market data just got even better. With a sleek, redesigned look, improved functionality, live data, and Watchlists — you won’t want to put it down.

Because let’s be real — there’s never a bad time for crypto, especially when the charts are green.

You now have access to accurate, reliable data — anytime, anywhere. With CoinCap, the crypto markets are at your fingertips.

Download CoinCap for Android or iOS

New in CoinCap 2.0

Be sure to try out the updated Altfolio feature (a huge perk for anyone that wants to know the value of all of their cryptocurrencies — at once).

Now, you can monitor your portfolio performance without worrying about having private keys on your phone or linking exchange accounts. You can also input your individual buys and sells to view historical performance and cost basis by the asset.

Use the Watchlist feature to add the coins you’re particularly bullish on for a convenient way to see the data most relevant to you.

With real-time market data for over 1,500 digital assets pulled from 7,890 markets on 71 exchanges, CoinCap blows the competition out of the water.

No other app on the market offers a clean and simple UI to show the nature of cryptocurrencies. If you’ve been looking for an app to view the value of your crypto in a simple, visually appealing, easy-to use-way — CoinCap 2.0 Mobile is a perfect choice. With our transparent data, you’ll never have to worry about seeing the most accurate and up-to-date market data and prices possible. Learn more about how we aggregate this data on our methodology page.

Download CoinCap Mobile for Android or iOS today!

If you’re using our mobile app, we want to hear from you. Send any feedback or feature requests to

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