Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash

Storytelling in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Because we all have a story worth sharing.

Humans have been telling each other stories since the beginning of time. Stories allow us to connect with each other and help us to understand one another better. and relate, understand one another better, and new perspectives.

Here at ShapeShift, we’ve created a six-part documentary series, Down the Rabbit Hole, with a goal of telling stories — not only about cryptocurrency but about the necessity of building a more beautiful, equitable world.

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE | Official Trailer (2018)

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is a high-tech industry and an emerging market that is still in its very early stages. It’s an industry that is broadly misunderstood due to fear and misconceptions. Even for those of us working in the space, it’s easy to forget the nascency of our ecosystem.

The purpose of Down the Rabbit Hole was to humanize the technology and provide an avenue to encourage understanding. We hope to show an honest portrayal of the beautiful, wonderful humans behind it– the love, the collaboration, and the common mission of wanting to build a better future.

Each cast member has their own extraordinary and distinct story to tell, filled with hopes, dreams, fears, ambitions, and motivations that are unique only to them.

Collecting their stories became a large part of my life, and during production, a bigger picture began to unfold. I began to see common threads weaving throughout each story, revealing larger systemic and cultural complexities.

In reflecting on the process and my own journey, I’m filled with humility and gratitude for the incredible network of people I get to co-exist with. And while the industry continues to challenge me, I’ve discovered that my role in this ecosystem is to tell these stories.

Stories, experiences, and memories are what gives our lives meaning.

As a Director, the making of this series educated me on the hurdles that lay ahead, including public perception, mass adoption, and making this industry understandable.

When it comes to storytelling in crypto, the biggest obstacle will be showing people what the impact of tomorrow will be.

And as a human being, it taught me that there is strength in vulnerability.

“Stories, experiences, and memories are what gives our lives meaning.”

It’s been an honor to collaborate with an ensemble of creatives who were dedicated to this work. Zooko Wilcox, Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, Erik Voorhees, Tatiana Moroz, Meltem Demirors, and Nyla Rodgers: thank you for joining our voices together to capture the spirit of crypto on film.

I hope that Down the Rabbit Hole provides an emotional experience that marks an evolutionary step forward for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Stories have the transformative effect of changing how we engage with, learn about, and embrace new technology, ideologies, and paradigms. This documentary film series serves as a needed step in that progress.