What Can Disney Teach You About Block Explorers? [Video]

💫All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust. 💫

We’re certain that you’re going to be just as excited as we are to see the parallels between block explorers and a catalog of Disney Princesses.

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But if the concept of block explorer still feels unfamiliar, then think of a block explorer as a tool that acts as a browser for a blockchain.

(Just like how you use a browser, like Google Chrome, to read blogs like this one).

Easy enough, right? Kind of.

Most people rely on block explorers to track transactions only. Unfortunately, this also means that few people appreciate their full potential.

In actuality, block explorers are full of valuable information and data. You can even explore the entire blockchain. You can’t, however, use a block explorer for a blockchain it wasn’t meant for. For example, you can’t track Litecoin transactions with a Bitcoin block explorer (you’ll need a Litecoin block explorer).

Similar to web browsers, there are many block explorers. that all serve the same function with different design interfaces.

Let’s take a look at some block explorers and their differences.


EnjinX’s new, ad-free (finally!) and user-friendly block explorer in 2018 with the goal of becoming the most popular block explorer within the Ethereum ecosystem. Transactions, blocks, and ERC-20 tokens can all be browsed, with the most popular Ethereum tokens ranked by 24-hour volume, price change, and market cap.

What is it that makes EnjinX so different from other blockchain explorers in the space? A clean, minimal design.

EnjinX is a tool for the Ethereum network. The clean, minimal design sets it apart from other blockchain explorers.

Blockstream Explorer

Blockstream Explorer is popular and often praised for its user-friendliness (as most block explorers are). You can search and view real-time data published to the Bitcoin blockchain and the Liquid sidechain. It supports Bitcoin mainnet, Bitcoin testnet, and the Liquid Network.

Update: Blockstream Explorer now supports address search with unlimited transactions.

Bitcoin Magazine Launches a Custom Block Explorer

With the help of Esplora, the free and open-source software that powers Blockstream Explorer, Bitcoin Magazine launched its own custom block explorer in early 2019.

Bitcoin Magazine’s block explorer is a solid example of the value of open-source projects. Moreover, Blockstream’s release of Esplora is indicative of the idea that open-source projects provide value to a community.

As part of the new Bitcoin Magazine site, it launched a custom block explorer, using Blockstream’s open-source implementation Esplora.

Why is this Important?

A Block Explorer is the most trusted source for blockchain data.

And as cryptocurrencies continue to develop and grow, having direct access and insight across networks is of critical importance.

So it should come as no surprise that Blockchain.com launched a new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Block Explorer earlier this year. This BCH tool is only the third block explorer supported by Blockchain.com — after Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

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