Toilet Sheet Report 2: Work Complexity

One-sheet reports on the sheety side of work, leadership, and the much-needed flushes and fixes.


1. Empathy

The en vogue term for this is Design Thinking. But it’s been with us since 
the dawn of human time. The Golden Rule. Walk a mile in the other person’s shoes. Most of us listen, share, understand, create, and do from our ownperspective. The key to making things less complicated/less complex is to work backward from the receiver’s/user’s perspective. Value as they see it. Clarity as they see it. Usefulness as they see it. Do that and simplicity and ease occurs naturally.

2. Everything Else…

Leadership; Change; Structure; Process; Tools; Tech; To Dos; Meetings; Emails, etc. …See #1 above.

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 — by Bill Jensen 
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