Toilet Sheet Report 3: Dealing with Overload

One-sheet reports on the sheety side of work, leadership, and the much-needed flushes and fixes.

1. Own It

You create your own time poverty. Almost all overload challenges come down to the choices you made (or didn’t) and how you maintained personal discipline and focus (or didn’t).

2. 80/20 Rule

80% of doubling your productivity in overload situations is in your thinking/choices/focus/discipline. Only 20% is how you use your tools.

3. 3–5 Rule

Scan incoming info and how you send outgoing info using 3–5 Rule: 
Avg. attention span for electronic communication, 3–5 seconds; 
for face2face, 3–5 minutes. (That average is now becoming maximum
Attention spans continue to decrease!)

4. Never Attend ANY Meeting Without a Personal Goal

• What’s the one thing you must KNOW/learn that you couldn’t get without that meeting?
• How do you wish to FEEL during the meeting? (Included? Active contributor? Expecting Aha moments? Want certain issues/negativity addressed?)
• What’s the one thing you expect to DO as a direct result of this meeting?
If you don’t get these Know/Feel/Do questions answered to your satisfaction during the meeting, then it’s YOUR responsibility to have them addressed before you leave. Don’t be a Sheeple in meetings. That meeting is using 60 minutes of your life that you’re never gonna get back. Act like it! It’s YOUR responsibility to get value out of meetings.

5. Email: Define Your Own Rules of Engagement

Most of us allow incoming crap to rule us and our calendars. Define when and how you will interact via email; who you will pay attention to, who you will not; what deserves responses, what does not… Then STICK to that! Tools and filters will help you execute or automate these decisions, but they do not work without personal discipline and focus.

6. Live What Truly Matters

What will be written on your tombstone? “She never missed a meeting. She never let an email go unanswered”? Or “She always focused her time, energy, talents, friendship, care, and love on what truly mattered”?

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 — by Bill Jensen 
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