Toilet Sheet Report: 1

One-sheet reports on the sheety side of work, leadership, and the 
much-needed flushes and fixes.


1. Disrupt, Hack, and Reimagine “Engagement”

That term/idea was coined by consultants and senior execs to engage the workforce in corporate-centered goals and plans. Almost no workforce metrics are focused on whether or not companies are vehicles for people to achieve their dreams, goals, and ability to make a difference in the world. (Which, in the Gig Economy, is how the workforce sees companies.)

2. Accept That All Work Experiences 
Have Been Consumerized

100% of the workforce are consumers. Climbing toward 100% of those consumers have experienced some form of intense personalization, connections, joy, passion or achievement though their phone, tablet, gaming, entertainment, education, shopping or community experiences — impacting their expectations, beliefs about how everything should be structured. The standard for evaluating any work experience is no longer work… It’s life.

3. Hire and Promote Leaders Who “Get” 1 & 2


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 — by Bill Jensen 
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