Meet the Shapr team

Ludovic, CEO and serendipity believer

Shapr was inspired by my own experience of business networking as an entrepreneur. I’ve learned that the most life-changing encounters happen through mutually trusted contacts. I’m hoping Shapr can bring that kind of serendipity to everyone!

My Shapr moment: Meeting Eva Haller by chance on a New-York-bound plane, and being introduced to some of the most inspiring people in the world…

My Favorite thing about working in NYC: Making a stop in Soho on my way to work each morning to grab fresh-baked cookies.

Little-known fact: I eat a single mango per week, every week (And, yes, I like to talk about food.)

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Jonathan, mobile freak & product guru

What I really try to do with Shapr is to make networking feel like less work. The key to great networking is making it part of your daily routine, like eating 5 fruits or vegetables a day. It’s really good for you!

My Shapr moment: Back when I worked on my first mobile app, I stumbled upon another app enthusiast in an elevator at work — and we ended up working on apps for 3 years together!

My favorite thing about working in Paris: Riding my bike up the Champs Elysées each morning and feeling like I win the Tour de France each time (without cheating!).

Little-known fact: I keep 5 phones on my desk — officially for testing. But sometimes I like to think I’m the king of smartphones, with my little army of digital minions — so watch out…

Cyril, algorithm aficionado & Grand Techmaster

Collaboration and mutual help is the cornerstone of efficiency in IT- and Shapr is a new way to enhance it. A good network is like a trusted fellowship, where quality people help each other reach higher goals.

My Shapr moment: When I got into computer science, I didn’t expect much in terms of meeting new people and building relationships. By working on Shapr, I crossed paths with inspiring people, who help me have more open mind — and occasionally bring a big smile on my face.

My favorite thing about working in Paris: I live close to Paris, in a town of less than 5,000 inhabitants where neighbors know and help each other out. On my way to work, I see huge crowds and think there’s bound to be amazing people among them I should get to know. But the metro isn’t exactly the best place to meet someone. Fortunately, now we have Shapr :)

Little-known fact: I badly cut my hand with a bread knife earlier this year — but that was only because I was juggling a chainsaw, a sword and an ax with the other hand…

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Vincent, sharing idealist & marketing

I like to see Shapr as part of the bigger shift towards the collaborative economy. We now understand we all benefit from sharing. I believe that sharing our trusted relationships is so positive and efficient that it will soon become a no-brainer.

My Shapr moment : I spent 3 weeks in NYC & SF with one only goal: meeting new people. I naturally asked trusted friends in Europe “Do you know people in tech I should meet over there?” That set the wheels in motion… I got introduced to people who then introduced me to others then to others and so on. My calendar was full and I spent the most exciting 3 weeks ever meeting amazing entrepreneurs and thought leaders. I had no idea my network could cross the ocean that easily!

My favorite things about working in Paris: All cities are my favorites. It could be Paris, New York, Delhi, Beijing… I walk, bike, look everywhere and… meet new people.

Little-known fact: I can play the Marseillaise while brushing my teeth. A recent and important discovery, especially for my wife.

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Thomas, Marketing & Young Padawan

I think of Shapr as the place where great collaborations are born. When two people meet, anything is possible! I want Shapr to be the most fun and efficient way to create new productive relationships.

My Shapr moment: When I graduated in France, I wanted to get a working experience both in a startup and in the US. So I started sending emails to everyone in my network. I believed my people was my easiest way to the US and I was right. A very good friend of mine introduced me to one of her friends in NYC who introduced me to Ludovic. My journey had Shapr written all over it before it even started!

My favorite thing about working in NYC: What can beat having a drink on a rooftop, gazing at the sunset?

Little-known fact: I got hit by a car a few months ago… Not much hurt but since then I equipped my bicycle with the biggest, loudest horn known to man. Trucks better beware.

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Shapr is a business networking app. Get a daily list of inspiring people to meet tailored by your trusted people, your areas of interest, your previous actions… then each member swipes right (and anonymously) who he wants to meet.

It should take you 2 minutes a day. Maybe 3.

Networking is notoriously efficient and incredibly fun. Life-advancing encounters are a few swipes away.

So give it a try . Get the app

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