October Favorites

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October 2017 is almost a souvenir.. Without further due, my favorites of the month 💛💛💛

📖 “Petit Pays” (Small country) by Gaël Faye

A beautiful novel that is hard to describe: poetic and raw, cute and bloody, naïve and violent, Burgundy and Rwanda, hope and war.. You should read it..

The author himself is fascinating. Rapper, lyricist, poet and novelist, Gael doesn’t fit in a single box. Not even in four boxes.

In an interview with Konbini, he explains how writing an album is different from a book. You are much more lonely when writing a book, you learn how to sit down for days and days, in your room. Also, the way they end is not the same. Gael feels that an album doesn’t end the day the record is out but after the last concert of the tour.. Every concert is a revival of the story. A book though ends the day it is on bookstores shelves..

To live “Petit Pays” longer, he surrounded himself with a guitarist and organize some live reading sessions.

📻Serial season 1” hosted by Sarah Koenig

Sarah and her team from the American Life re-opened this intriguing murder case, where testimonies, memories and facts don’t add up.The story is fascinating and once you listen to the first episode, you won’t be able to stop. Searching for the truth.. Did Adnan Sayed really kill his girlfriend Hae Min Lee, senior year of high school?

Let me know in the comment how you feel about Adnan?

🎶 Ibeyi by Ibeyi

Beautiful album by the two twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz.. Beauty is the only word I have in mind..


🎬 I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore” Movie

If you search comedy on the dictionary, you will get something along these lines:

ˈkämədē/ noun/ play, or broadcast program intended to make an audience laugh.

This Sundance feature movie fits the definition, but not in ways you expect.

📰 ”Blockchains: How They Work and Why They’ll Change the World” published by IEEE

“Blockchains”, “Bitcoins”, “ETH”, “NEO”, “Smart Contact”are the hot words of the moment. This technical article gives a good introduction to the field, if just like me, you wonder what the hell do all these words and concepts mean.

🏛 Red Victorian Lectures, each Tuesday night in San Francisco

In search of interesting events to attend during the week in SF, I stumbled upon the Red Victorian Lecture Series. The first lecture I attended was about Smart Electric Grid, a topic I never really learned about or even showed interest in. But this is what happened: I showed up on time with a friend, expecting a very formal talk, and was surprised to see a group of people eating at a communal table. The cook looks at us and says firmly “Take a plate and eat”.. Puzzled by some unexpected generosity, we were super shy. We filled halfway our plates and ate in silence, wondering if we showed up at the wrong event.

A few minutes later, the lecture started and we moved to some comfy couches. Great content, great slides, and chill atmosphere.
Since then it is becoming my Tuesday routine. Learning something new, scratching a tiny surface of something unknown.

I highly recommend! And it’s BYOB ;)

🗣 Fake Ted Talk: talk about nothing

A fun parody, that also feels real. If you know how to talk, you can talk about anything?


Let me know if you liked any of these items and share in your comments your favorites!

I would like to have some guests share their favorites too, ping me if you would like to participate!

Keep Cool!