Could I Bear it If You Loved Me Back

A poem

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Sep 2, 2020


Photo by Rafael Barros from Pexels

You reply to my smiles with a nod,
To my words with a smile,
To my letters with a pat on the back,

And, I pine for more from you, for more of you,
Thinking that your eyes look through me,
That I don’t exist for you.

I cry myself to sleep,
And then I'm at peace.

What if you start responding to my love,
Start to understand my feelings,
Start warming up to me?

Could I withstand that force,
Could I bear the love,
Could my tiny heart stand this new battle?

Once drowned, could I ever surface?



Share The Love

Tired of a normal life. Afraid of a different one. I’ve taken refuge in Poetry and dreams. Aspiring Aspirer.