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Sea Breeze

A free verse poem response to MicheletheTrainer’s chain of poems prompt “Fresh Air”

The air could not be more fresh,
As here I stand at the edge of the aqua sea’s lapping edge

A cooling breeze in this northern equatorial heat
Filling my ever grateful asthmatic lungs with lightly salted air.

Blessed am I taking not one moment for granted.

Thank you for reading. J.

Thank you MicheletheTrainer for this fresh air prompt. #stlprompt and #michelethetrainer on Social Media, thanks!

Please feel free to join in The Neverending Poem and keep this challenge going with the word or a derivative of… “ Blessing” I shall graciously tag a few poet Titans here. Danielle Taylor Imad Sylvia Love Johnson Samuel Cracia Trisha Traughber Wolfie Bain

Here is MicheletheTrainer’s piece.

Here is the original Martin Rushton challenge starting the whole poem chain off.



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James G Brennan

Writes free to read eclectic free verse poetry. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.