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The Happy Tourist

On the Island of Ko Lanta Thailand

Photo by James G. Brennan.

To arrive on this island filled with tropical beauty
Gives the happy traveller the achieved feelings
Of realised dreams under the boiling hot sun.

As the boat docks, the scramble is on
For attention, tuk-tuk and songtaew (taxi) drivers
Mixed in with hotel vendors looking for their commission
In the hope they find the stray traveller winging it,
As opposed to the modern-day organisation
So many choose to find online.

Chaos briefly takes off the sheen on arrival,
Dispelling quickly once the traveller is on their way.

New smells, new fauna, new bumpy roads,
New restaurants and bars along the way
Leading to bungalows in which they stay,
Anticipation In what the new temporary environment
Will have to offer. “Is it Close to the beach?”

To dive into the sea with unbounded joy,
A quick swim or splash around before a beer
Served with food to tantalise the eager palate.

This is pure joy! happiness away from the stress
Of working and general day to day grind
Of everyday life, this is what was worked for,
This is the batteries chared in readiness for the year ahead.

Walks on the beach take away a small piece of stress with every step.

A trek in the jungle and a climb through caves
To keep you fit and just a little bit weary.
Finding the waterfall can be an adventure,
It may just be a trickle, however, once found,
Mission accomplished and enjoyed.

A motorbike ride leads to a splendid sunset
Celebrating with cocktails and beers while dinner is served
With delightful platefuls of your new-found favourite foods.

Relaxing under the clear night sky, laying on the now cool sand
As the gentle sound of the surf tops off a joyful day.

You may find yourself, just a little too relaxed,
Peacefully; asleep.

Thank you Martin Rushton and the STL Team for giving my words a platform here at Share the Love. Thank you all for reading and your precious time.
Always. J.



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James G Brennan

James G Brennan


Writes eclectic free verse poetry and is free to read. "Everything in life is writable about" Sylvia Plath.