Drawing My Father’s Portrait

Finding Peace Through Art

“Portrait of My Father, in Progress” hand drawing over a portrait of my father. by Lorraine J. LYLT Expressions

The Backstory of this story

Earlier this month The Memoirist published an article I wrote about my father passing away in 2014 (see the link below). In it I talk about the day I found out that he did not have much time left, what his last day was like for me and my sisters and our experience of gathering together to sort through his belongings…



For those wishing to share their artists' stories, their creations, or their tips and tricks to be creative.

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Lorraine J. (NjoyPeace)

*Author* *Creator* *Artist* follow me & LYLT Expressions Publication: https://medium.com/lylt-epxressions. Browse my “About” page for more info.