15 Ways Pulling is Way Better Than Pushing

Have you ever noticed how much energy the act of pushing takes? Pushing takes a great deal of force, and it’s not easy to sustain. Pulling on the other hand is an invitation that requires way less energy. If you tired of being tired, you may be striving too pushing too hard.

Ask yourself this question and dig deep:

‘Why am I doing this?’

Your answer may surprise you. Like many who strive without understanding the reasons why, you might find that your actions have not been congruent with your desires, values or goals.

For example, when it comes to your relationship with money, make a decision to stop pushing and to allow pulling. Why?

Like the salmon swimming against the upstream, striving for money is a struggle against the currents of life. Striving without understanding our individual ‘whys’ will only lead us to frustration. This is why focusing on ‘getting the money’ will never in the end, net us what we want. In chasing dollars, we chase an illusion and thus, we can never truly create. Acting out of desperation only attracts more desperate acts. If you’re struggling to make money, it’s time. It’s time to change your relationship with money.

Here are a few mindset shifts to get you started:

  1. Enjoy spending money (within reason and budget)
  2. Stop judging those who have it
  3. Stop thinking that rich people are evil, and being wealthy is wrong
  4. Understand that money is not the root of all evil; people who abuse it are
  5. Stop striving to get (money, power, etc) and start giving back
  6. Stop being afraid of the potential power and freedom that money can lend to you
  7. Tipping is good karma; tipping especially when you don’t have lots of money is moving (positive) currency
  8. Contribute to the economy by building a business
  9. Feed the economy by creating new jobs
  10. Become an entrepreneur; pull in your tribe
  11. Move world currency; spend a few bucks on the things that matter to your environment & community
  12. You are not your parents; your relationship with money need not be the same as your parents’
  13. Honor the dollar; save it, protect it, spend it in ways that count most
  14. Fall in love with money; admit that you want it
  15. Pull in the abundance mindset into your life, especially when you least have ‘things’
  16. Never assume that people have more money than you; more things often means more debt.

Remember that life does not change when we change its contents (what we have), it will only change when we change its context (how we see it).

When we stop striving for money and just focus on what we’re good at, doing what we do best — we’ll be swimming with the currents, not against it.

Flowing through the currency of life. When we let go of the need for ‘purpose’ or ‘passion’, we can give rise to the flow of the creative currency. When we stop allowing other people’s definitions of success to get in our way, we begin to (re)define our own. And like the salmon going with its natural currents, we can begin to ride our own waves of success.

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