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Ankur Shrivastava
Aug 18, 2018 · 7 min read

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” 71 years back in a landmark oration, our first Prime Minister of independent India promised us a country where we have the freedom to dream. Since then, we have been working towards creating a prosperous, democratic and progressive nation.

There was a time when we used to talk about agricultural revolution, Sarv Siksha Abhiyan, adoption of smartphones, cheaper internet. And look at us today, we have companies, apps made by Indians. We have entrepreneurs who are representing us at World forums and the world is looking at us for inspiration as a country. These entrepreneurs who are chasing their dream is letting us dream of a country where we have everything which is desi.

With a dream to make the Internet available to everyone in the country, 3 IITians created ShareChat. Though ShareChat was conceptualised by its founders- Ankush Sachdeva, Farid Ahsan and Bhanu Pratap Singh, it would not have been possible without a passionate team behind it. A team, who had a dream to create a change and most importantly they believed in themselves.

Over a couple of days, as we celebrate our Independence week, I had the pleasure to interact with some of my colleagues about their dreams and beliefs in an independent country. Presenting here, some of our superstars from across the country who truly made ShareChat a multi-cultural organisation.

Alan Wilson, Thrissur

Bored with his analytics job, he wanted to be an independent movie maker but he always knew that he had to build something for his community. With this dream, he travelled from Thrissur to Bangalore and started his journey at ShareChat as a product manager for Malayalam. He knew what the Malayalis wanted and worked hard towards growing the community. Today ShareChat has 1.4 million active users in Malayalam. A risk taker, Alan believes that you can move mountains if you know how to put your experience and skill set the right way.

Aman Kumar, Patna

“I am not meant for the corporate world.” Aman always knew that. He did not have to think twice before joining ShareChat. He immediately packed his bag and shifted from Noida to Bangalore for his dream to work in a start-up. Curious by nature, Aman wanted to experiment and so he used to switch his roles between backend and android developer. He enjoyed re-inventing the tech for ShareChat. When he is doing nothing he is still building products in his mind.

Anu Krishnan, Alleppy

With a marketing degree when Anu was asked to drive talent acquisition program at ShareChat, what kept him going was mentorship and self-belief. He ended up loving his job and hiring 62 people. But being hired by him is not a piece of cake. You should definitely know your job but you should also be able to defeat him in a game of foosball. It is just his way of testing your strategy skill and patience. Anu has hired people from across the country and in the process increased his knowledge about our country’s diverse culture.

Hemant Meharchandani, Ajmer

With a degree in biotech, he ditched his dual degree plans to join ShareChat. Fresh out of college, he had no idea what he was supposed to do but definitely knew that coding was not his thing. His love for Hindi literature was stronger than his degree and he started working towards connecting the Hindi speaking audience on the platform. He is a firm believer that if you do the right things at the right moment, you are definitely going to succeed and that’s what kept him engaged at ShareChat for three long years.

Khushnuma Parveen, Lucknow

Life brought her to a junction where she had to choose between a career in journalism or her dream of building her own company. But being the enthusiastic and dreamer she is, she was quite clear as to what she wanted. When offered a job at ShareChat, she realised her dream of having her own company take shape. She has been one of the oldest employee at ShareChat and she proudly says “I might not have founded the company, but this is my company and it is very close to my heart.” Her self-confidence and her perseverance to prove herself at every single step takes her one step closer to her dream each day. She loves writing poetry and wants to publish her book one day.

Kundan, Muzaffarpur

Heard about brain drain but Kundan is amongst those who quit a fancy developer job in Singapore and decided to come back and build something for India. Kundan’s eagerness to learn how a start-up works landed him a job at ShareChat. He joined the company as an Android developer, and today, he is the infrastructure lead. He wanted to learn everything about how to do business and yes indeed he has. He started off when ShareChat had 10K active users and now we have over 20 million active users and that’s exactly how a business is done.

Rajani Reddy, Chittoor

When Rajani finished her studies, little did she know that she will end up in a 2BHK house for an interview and actually land a job instantly. Yes, you heard right, we used to work out of a 2BHK before we had this fancy office. The right mentorship and the freedom she was given to build Telugu community on the app worked wonders for her. Today, she represents one of our fastest growing languages on the app.

Srijan Mishra, Lucknow

A techie at heart, Srijan is one of the oldest employees at ShareChat. He enjoys the freedom he is given at the company. He proudly says “I got the opportunity to build a product from the scratch.” Started as a backend developer, he leads engineering. It’s safe to say that what keeps him motivated at ShareChat is his love for technology and freedom. You will often see him glued to his mac or sipping tea.

Suraj, Osmanabad

Passed out of college, caught a train to Bangalore, cleared his interview and joined ShareChat the same day. Suraj has seen the app change from what it was to what it is today. He believed that he was supposed to take good products to the mass and that’s what he exactly did when he was hired as a community manager to head Marathi language. Today he is User acquisition Head at ShareChat and loves experimenting. He believed that his job at ShareChat changed his personality and now he loves talking to people.

Wahab Thayyal, Kochi

A college drop-out from Kochi, Wahab always wanted to start something of his own. He had full faith that he is up to something good on social media. Having started a college troll page, the knew what people like to read on social media and so grabbed on the opportunity when he was offered a job at ShareChat. Recalling the old days he talks about the non-stop working weekend which were not hectic but fun because of the right people.

At ShareChat, we have given people the freedom to think, believe in themselves, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and eventually grow not only professionally but personally. It’s the dedication and passion that helped us grow. We are a start-up, we are a multi-cultural organisation. We have team members from across the country who come from diverse culture but what connects everyone together is the belief that we understand what Indians want. We will continue to build ShareChat, hoping to build a nation where all its citizens are well informed through the power of Internet.

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