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Here is how Saroj Rajput established her reselling business through ShareChat

Saroj Rajput was brought to ShareChat by her pursuit of Shayari. Little did she know at the time that the platform would mark a “turning point” in her life. Saroj, a Bikaner graduate with a BA, now enjoys a stable financial existence and runs a successful reselling company that sells items like clothing, jewellery, watches, cosmetics, and more.

The last three years, however, haven’t been easy for the 29-year-old. “After we were married, things changed, so my husband was the only one in our family making a living. He owned a transport company, but his financial situation deteriorated even worse, she continues, referring to the year 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic occurred.

Her husband’s business failed, which also caused the income to stop. Saroj experimented with numerous social media markets but found it challenging to build a solid clientele. She went to ShareChat to start again because the family was dealing with financial worries.

“Earlier, I used to sell in the marketplace of a different social media platform but couldn’t make any profit,” she says. “The orders were very scarce; I would get one order a day or maybe one in two days. I was working hard, but there were no results.

“I decided to switch to ShareChat and tried to keep things simple. As I started getting more orders, I also improved the quality of my posts on the platform. The first step was getting my logo. I also bettered the quality of my images, and things started to pick up.”

Saroj currently provides service to over 1000 clients and earns a consistent wage. She beams, “There have been instances when I’ve made 40,000–45,000 in two months. Financial independence has made it easier for Saroj to succeed in various positions.

When she could pay for her son’s birth on her own, it was the finest moment of her life. “Our family didn’t have to be concerned about any debt. Everyone was under stress as the lockdown was in progress. But at least we weren’t fighting for money,” she adds.

“I am now financially independent. I have a full-time job, and still I continue my business on ShareChat. Overall, my life has improved.”

Saroj’s young son keeps her busy, along with her job at a private bank in Bikaner. She has been instrumental in helping women around her create a source of income. Many she met through ShareChat have followed in her footsteps to set up their businesses across different cities.

She says, “There were others around me who needed financial support when the lockdown started. They asked me for money, and I was powerless to refuse.
“I persuaded them to launch their own business so they wouldn’t need to rely on me. Thanks to the relationships I made on ShareChat, those women may now access their money and live well.

The path of Saroj and many others who have used ShareChat and Moj to change their life is comparable. Keep checking back as we bring you more stories like this.

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