Introducing ShareChat Stickers!

Ankur Shrivastava
Jan 31, 2019 · 3 min read

Recently, Whatsapp rolled out Sticker Feature, and it has become a craze in not more than a month.

At ShareChat, we constantly strive to improve user experience by introducing not just better but the best features to our users. Here again, we are introducing Stickers Feature, utilizing which a user can convert any image into a WhatsApp sticker.

ShareChat Stickers feature enables a person to create WhatsApp stickers of any size. There are a lot of shapes that you can select and crop an image to get a sticker of the desired part of an image. In order to create a Whatsapp sticker, open sharechat, go to an image. You’ll find the sticker icon at the top right of an image. You can also find the Whatsapp sticker icon in the menu, click the three dots and you’ll find the sticker icons over there. Click the sticker Icon, crop the image as per your desire, select the desired shape, click next. you’ll find that your sticker has been added to the sticker pack. now you need to click on the green check button at the top right to add the sticker pack to your WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp, go to the sticker section, you will find the sticker that you created in sharechat pack 1. Tap the Whatsapp sticker that you created to send it to a friend.

How to Create Whatsapp Stickers?

  1. Click on the Sticker Icon located at the top right of an image.
  2. Crop the image according to your choice and select a shape.
  3. Your sticker will be added to a sticker pack.
  4. Click the green button located at the top right to add the sticker pack to the WhatsApp. Click Add.
  5. Open a WhatsApp chat and go to the stickers section. Locate the ShareChat Sticker Pack
  6. Tap the sticker that you want to send to a person. (see the images below)

Currently, one can create up to five sticker pack. This limit will be improved in the near future. Also, if ShareChat app is uninstalled, then all the ShareChat Sticker pack will get deleted automatically.

Watch this video:

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