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#LifeAtShareChat — The challenges that drew Pradipta Basu to ShareChat

After successful stints with Microsoft and Uber, Pradipta is now responsible for delivering world-class products along with providing leadership in engineering, product development, and people processes at ShareChat

Often we reflect on small conversations that eventually end up impacting our lives. For Pradipta Basu, Director of Engineering at ShareChat, that moment happened during a 14-hour flight to the USA in 2017. “Watch out for this organization called ShareChat,” he remembers his co-traveller telling him as they discussed technology, upcoming startups, and more.

Pradipta, at that stage, was part of Uber as a Founding Lead Engineer in Bangalore. Along with his core engineering commitments, he was helping the organization scale up. “After that discussion, I started following the journey (of ShareChat), news about it, kept abreast with the things happening within the company, and their growth,” he says.

Brought up in Kolkata, Pradipta received a Computer Science and Engineering degree from Jadavpur University. He started his software development career with Microsoft in the Greater Seattle Area in the front-end domain and worked in the real-time communication space that involved audio-video calls, instant messaging, audio-video conferencing, and more. As part of the group that developed ‘Skype for Business, Pradipta was fascinated by challenges that involved design decisions.

Having established himself in the front end, Pradipta wanted to explore the back end side of things. “The challenge of building complex software in the Microsoft Azure Cloud fascinated me at that stage,” he points out. “Innovations in distributed systems and cloud technologies are the things that attracted me towards backend development.” He continued his backend journey with technologies in the Open Source domain with a startup called Fuze.

After a short stint with Fuze, Pradipta joined Uber in search of his next challenge. “When I visited India, I missed the ease of having quick personal transportation. The arrival of Uber in India changed that. The ease of it all amazed me,” he starts. “I got a chance to join Uber when it was at an early stage in Bangalore. A lot of my work involved building an engineering brand in India.

“When I moved to people management, I realized the impact I can have on people’s careers, helping them achieve their goals, shipping high-quality products with a team — that gave me immense satisfaction.”

Having completed what he had set out for, Pradipta was now searching for another problem where he could create an impact. “One thing that attracted me to ShareChat was that the company was in a creative space — the social media landscape. They were trying to cater to an audience that prefers Indic languages,” he says.

“While other organizations had focussed their efforts on acquiring the urban population, ShareChat was catering to an audience pan India.”

Several of ShareChat’s values struck a chord with Pradipta. Values like speed, ownership, and user empathy attracted him to the organization. “There are many interesting challenges that the engineers in the company are solving, like surfacing the best regional content for a user at a huge scale, overcoming the limitations of network bandwidth and devices used, and more,” he points out.

“It’s a company which is always willing to innovate and go the extra mile to give a good experience to the consumer. The organization quickly identifies upcoming opportunities and moves in on them.”

In April 2022, Pradipta joined ShareChat and is now responsible for delivering a world-class product while providing leadership in engineering, product development, and people processes. “One of the things I love is that the culture is very open and flexible. People are smart and also very much interested in learning,” he says. “I feel I can bring in structure and processes which I practised over the years and create a difference.

“The challenge is to ensure that the structures and the processes do not slow down the company because we want to keep innovating at a brisk pace. They are competing against some of the global players in this space. The company has the vision and belief to win.”

Illustration — Haritha NV and Bilal Rahim.

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