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Mother Earth Is Healing & On This Earth Day, Let’s Pledge To Keep The Momentum

Amidst the lockdown, you must have read phrases like the Yamuna looks cleaner, Delhi sees blue skies, Mumbai beaches looks mesmerizing, Bengaluru looks love-stricken by lovely flowers. While we have been stuck to our houses, one fact we cannot overlook is Mother Earth is healing.

Nature has its ways of reminding us that it needs to preserve resources. Coronavirus pandemic has forced a majority of the population to stay indoors and nature is rejoicing this vacation. Social media is flooded with images and videos of birds, wildlife and aquatic species being spotted in various parts of the world.

But the big question here is, what happens after the lockdown is over? Do we go back and continue what we were doing earlier?

This Earth Day, let’s pledge not to take our planet for granted and work towards maintaining the natural resources we have been bestowed with. It can be anything- planting trees, conserving water, recycling or using reusable shopping bags.

Well, we can start this at our house itself! So, on this Earth Day, we would like to share a couple of cool little steps that you can practice to maintain our planet during and after the lockdown.

Plant more: You don’t need to be a perfect gardener to add some green to your house. There are plenty of plants that you can grow just using water like money plants, snake plants, Water Hyacinth, to name a few. One glance over online and you will be flooded with options!

Recycle: Don’t have plants at home right now? Don’t worry, let’s get ready for the post lockdown. Utilize this period to be a little creative. Let’s recycle those juice bottles you have been wanting to throw away for long and turn them into beautiful plant holders.

Walk to office or nearby places: The lockdown must have turned many of you into chefs and all the amazing food must have added a few calories. So why not contribute less to the pollution and ditch that bike ride or car ride to reach office (once you start going back to your workplace) or to the grocery store and walk instead? It is healthy — both for you and Earth!

Conserve water: The 20 seconds hand sanitizing every half an hour does not necessarily mean you keep the tap water running. Many Indian cities are already drying up. We do not want to waste any more water.

These are some of the simple things you can follow to keep our planet worth living. So, what are you going to pick up this earth day?



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