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#ShareChatInsider — Chirag Shenoy — Finding The Perfect Frame

All it takes is a gust of wind to incept the seed of passion in a person’s soul. It can flow to your life at any stage, join your journey and be a way of life. You might have picked it up by accident. Or maybe on purpose. Or the decree of life can take it to you. But what matters is how passionate you are about it and how you find room in your life for it. Photography for Chirag is one such thing. It came to him completely out of the blue. He clinched to it and today photography is his passion and a way of life.

“I was always a sports guy. I don’t remember picking up a camera or being even remotely interested in photography while growing up”, says Chirag. His expedition in the world of photography is just two years old. But it has already given him invaluable teachings that have changed his life.

“There is happiness in the smallest of things. It is all about finding value in it. Photography opened that perspective for me. It made me appreciate the little things. I started finding joy in everything.”

Photography has been a powerful tool for him. It has helped him in both amassing new skills and also honing existing ones. Be it be patience, building trust or intrusiveness to learn new things, photography has played a key role in it.

“Sometimes you have wait hours and click hundreds of photos to get a perfect shot. You should have the patience to see through it”, he says. Taking these learnings into everyday life has paid unbelievable dividends for him.

He picks travelling as a major element that contributed heavily to his photography. “Travel and photography are like whiskey and ice. It is a magical blend”, he says with a laugh. In the last one and half years, he has done over 25 treks, including two momentous trips to the Himalayas.

Photography has also helped him discover opportunities, which otherwise would have never come his way. Of all the startling experiences he had, there is one super-special ShareChat highlight. He was the official photographer for our very own Ankit Bansal’s pre-wedding shoot!

“When the chance came in, I was like really!? You are getting paid for something you love doing as a passion. That’s a double delight right there! If anybody from our office wants a photographer for their shoot, you know where to find me”, he says with a chuckle.

For him, the true sense of photography comes to life when the photographs are powerful enough to depict a story and evoke emotions. It is a visual storytelling. It should foster a feeling of belonging to anybody who is looking at it. And that’s what he’s trying to do through his photos.

Chirag has been with ShareChat since October 2018. He believes in taking the road less travelled, and has explored various unchecked offbeat places around Bangalore. He wants to initiate a photography group at ShareChat and take our people to those places.

#ShareChatInsider is a segment where we intent profile our associates on their passion, achievements and those little stories outside work.



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