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#ShareChatInsider — Mitali Chakraborty — In A Company Of 3000+ Books

One clear memory from Mitali’s school days is how her parents used to hide books during her exam days so that she could focus on her school books. Such was her obsession with reading books, so much so that at one point her parents were too worried and couldn’t understand that someone can be immersed in a hobby to that extent.

“I have been actively reading since my early school days. As I grew, the passion for reading also grew with me”, she says. Reading was what opened a new world of perspectives for Mitali.

“When you read a book, you live the character. You see things through their eyes. You are drawn to a world which you may never travel otherwise” she says. On a personal level, reading books has been a massive personality builder for Mitali.

“Reading matures your thoughts”, she says. The kind of influence it will have on your life is unparalleled. “One of the biggest effects that reading is, it will make you tolerant and acceptant. It makes you open-minded as it takes you through many lives and realities. Through reading, you sail those journeys. That is the power of a book”, she adds.

“Reading books will also make you sensitive to your fellow-beings. Put in a situation, you will be fed with instances from books you have read to react in a certain way so that the person standing opposite to you is not hurt”, she says.

On making reading as a habit, before you decide on your favorite genre, it is important that you give a try across all the possible genres, she says. “If you are not trying out different genres, then you may be missing some of the gems”, she adds.

“Though I have many favorite authors, If asked to pick one book that has made me sit and be in awe, then it will The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy”, says Mitali. Her favourite books —

“There is no written rule that says you can’t pick up reading when you are grown-up or start working. There is no time, age, or period to start picking up reading. If you haven’t done it yesterday, then you can start today!”, she says. It is World Book Day today and If you are new to reading, these are the five books that Mitali suggests -

Mitali Chakraborty joined ShareChat in September 2019.

#ShareChatInsider is a segment where we profile our associates on their passion, achievements and those little stories outside work.



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