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#ShareChatInsider — Rohini C — Breathing Yoga

Life, like many mysteries in this world, is full of surprises. Sometimes it takes you to the pinnacle of contentment. Sometimes it takes a complete U-turn, acts funny and drowns you deep and asks, are you ready for some hard time? That is life throwing a chance at you to show your mettle. For Rohini, all these sounds quite familiar. She was broken, but not ready to give up. Looking for a way out, she found salvation in yoga. And that was a defining moment!

In 2013, she had hit the rock bottom in her life. A series of unpleasant events in her personal life had pushed her to the edge. Like many, she tried finding a way out through the popular route. Not just that it didn’t work out, it turned things even worse.

“I lost control of my life. I could sense that things were falling apart, but my mind was too weak to get up and pull it back” she says. It didn’t take much for her to realise that she was battling depression. She was muddled with anxiety attacks, bad sleep and had cut off from socialising. Things remained the same for three years. And in the fall of 2016, yoga happened!

“I was looking for an escape route and tried out things which weren’t helping me at all”, she says. How she landed on yoga also has a nostalgic connect to her childhood. “Growing up, I use to watch a lot of Dr. Rajkumar movies where he does interesting yoga asanas and headstands. I was always hooked to it”, she says. Life came in a full circle for Rohini and those memories lend her a helping hand.

“So, in a way, I should also thank Rajkumar for helping me out!” she says with a giggle. “When you are confused, maybe you should take a trip down your memory line. It can turn gold”, she adds.

As she twirled in the world of yoga, things started falling in place. “Yoga gave me a fresh lease of life. I was happy again and felt completely liberated”, she says. She became mindful of how she treated herself, which prompted her to do things that are right for her body and soul.

With time, the smiles were back and that is when a larger thought hit her. Yoga is a great tool that has the power to change the cause of life. Why shouldn’t I take it to others? she asked herself.

She enrolled for two yoga teacher training courses, including a 28-day long advanced yoga course in Mysore. “There are no words to describe the amount of confidence I picked up after learning yoga professionally”, she says. Rohini has so far done 250+ classes, including personal and corporate programs besides teaching in the yoga studio where she used to train.

“Yoga is not about the outlook. It is always inward-facing. Yoga is more about connecting to your soul”, she says. For Rohini, the wheels of life have turned for good and yoga has played an indispensable part in it.

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