#ShareChatInsider — Senthil Kumar — The Extraordinary Journey From A Creator To An Associate!

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3 min readMay 27, 2020


It was March 2019. The scorching heat of summer had just started hitting the country. Senthil, like every other day, was engrossed in his work as an accountant in a company in Salem, a little town in TamilNadu. Then, a few hours into his daily work, his phone rang. It was an unknown number but with one of the most unexpected messages. And, in his own words, changed his life forever!

“The call was from ShareChat. The team saw the sketches that I uploaded on ShareChat and wanted to know if I would be interested to explore an opportunity to work for ShareChat as a designer”, he says. Senthil had to pinch himself to believe if it is for real. The doubt of it being a prank call by his friends ran through his mind. But then, soon he realized it was happening.

“Who would have thought!?”, he says with the same amusement he had when he received the call on that day.

“I had never worked as a designer in my life. But ShareChat wanted to give me an opportunity. It sounded like the world conspired to give me something which was going to keep me happy”, Senthil says.

Senthil always had a fascination for sketches and colors from a very young age. He started trying his hands at drawing and was fairly good at it. But all those while, it was just a hobby. Not even once, the thought of taking it up as a profession crossed his mind. The wheels of life started moving. After completing a Diploma in Civil Engineering, Senthil, like many others, had to pick up a job outside his domain to get things going.

Though he was doing an accountant’s job, Senthil ensured that he didn’t lose his touch over his hobby. Finding time in between, he continued his sketches.

“I used to post the sketches on social media and that’s when I got to know about ShareChat. After I started uploading on ShareChat, I couldn’t believe the response my sketches were receiving! A while later, I was given an opportunity to be a part of the Champions program. After that, I stopped uploading to other platforms and focused only on ShareChat. Looking back, I think that was a good decision. Then, the magic happed!”, he says with a smile.

“One thing still amuses me is how a company can have the confidence to hire someone with no technical background or prior experience in the domain and just believe in the skills and expect to deliver? That is so unique to ShareChat! Without a shadow of a doubt, I can say that I’m a graphic designer because of ShareChat. The Design team was so welcoming and helped me to settle quickly”, Senthil adds.

Senthil joined ShareChat as a Graphic Designer on April 15, 2019. “I cannot put into words how my life has turned around. Looking back, I still get amused how things have changed for good”, he says.

You can check his ShareChat handle here

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