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#ShareChatInsider — Suneet Agrawal — An Adrenaline Junkie!

Skydiving, Flying an aircraft, Scuba diving, Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Trekking, Parasailing, 800 Km stretch Bike ride! For many of us, this may be a set of adjectives for speed or adventure. But not for Suneet Agrawal. These are part of an eclectic mix of activities that the adrenaline junkie in Suneet has touched his hands and heart so far.

“I love adventure. The thrill of speed and experiencing things that can give you an adrenaline rush is unbelievable” says Suneet.

His first stint with any form of action goes way back to the childhood days. He was six when he was thrown to a pool for swimming. “It was scary and I never wanted to do it again,” he says with a laugh. He went to represent his state in Nationals for four straight years, amassing a mammoth 27 medals.

But the real buzz of adventure got to him when he was eight. He along with 15 kids went for a 7-day trek at Roopkund trail. “That was the defining moment. I fell in love with adventure”, he says. And on the journey, speed also joined his taste.

“We (Suneet & his siblings — a brother & a sister — both elder) went for a group trek at Kedarkantha. Once it was done, we set our sight on Rishikesh and went on to do Bungee Jumping. The goosebumps it gave was unparalleled. From then I started looking for adventures that also had an element of speed”, he says.

“The one takeaway from all this is the experience. It makes you feel that you are giving a piece of your life to yourself. You live the moment and take back the memories” he adds.

After Bungee, the next in line was the momentous 800-km bike ride to Leh. “I don’t remember having a fascination for bikes while growing up. But once you are in the business of adventure and speed, you cannot leave out a bike ride” he says with a laugh.

After hills and roads, his next was a deep dive into waters. “Scuba always fascinated me. I didn’t think twice to do it. It was a surreal experience”, he says. Suneet is also an SSI Certified open water scuba diver.

Of all, one of the most thrilling of all that he has done so far is Sky diving. “It is one of those things which gives you the confidence to do things which otherwise is deemed impossible. Personally, it has had a massive influence on me. It built my confidence. My next target is to do a solo sky diving!”, says Suneet.

With adventure, there is always a quest to do more! The latest to make its way to his ever-growing list is skiing at Kashmir earlier this year. “I managed to pull my entire family for this. That made it extra special”, he says.

“Doing it safely is always something which is associated with adventure sport. But being quick is also equally important. Be quick in thinking, decision making, and executing” he adds.

Suneet joined ShareChat in October 2018.

#ShareChatInsider is a segment where we profile our associates on their passion, achievements and those little stories outside work.



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