Embedding Traveler map to your blog

Feb 17 · 2 min read

Before going to technical details I will split my article into two sections

Why Traveler?

Trying to be devil advocate. Why I should embed Traveler maps if I can embed Google Maps, MapBox or other solutions.

There are several things that justify this:

  • Traveler allows user to easily make copies of the maps to work on they own travel plans (but these copies will still have link to your blog and original map)
  • Traveler show custom tailor travel focused destinations — it is not general use map as Google Maps — Varanasi for the travelers is more Important than Kanpur even if it is four time smaller.
  • Whats on the route — give your users some inspirations that they can see near the route
  • Travel by train — we are living in times of train travel revival. People would like to live sustainably. Travel is the only site that plans to include passanger rail network from all over the world (-> OpenTrainsMap)
  • Traveler is free solution

How I can embed?

OK — right now we know why we want embed the question is then how we can embed

In most CMS we can use typical iframe component

In Medium we can embed Traveler maps via direct embed.ly link

In Wordpress we can add iframe


Travel is a way of life.


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Travel is a way of life.

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