ShareRing and CanYa collaboration

Photo by Alex wong on Unsplash

We are excited to announce that ShareRing and CanYa, the world’s decentralised and autonomous marketplace for services, have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate together to integrate the CanYa Service economy protocols with the ShareLedger blockchain.

This collaboration with CanYa is highly beneficial on a number of fronts. Firstly, we will be working with the CanYa team to adopt standards in terms of how we integrate with 3rd party marketplace platforms, but more importantly, the Gig Economy and the Sharing Economy go hand-in-hand with each other.

An Example of Our Overlapping Utility

Let’s say a serviced apartment provider is renting out their apartments through the ShareRing marketplace. Those apartments need to be cleaned and maintained. Through our relationship with CanYa, we can automate that process and provide a call into the CanYa marketplace to hire somebody to clean the apartments on an ad-hoc or regular basis.

This can also happen in reverse. Perhaps there is a service provider in CanYa who offers home maintenance services. He can use the ShareRing marketplace to rent items (lawnmower, tools, etc) for odd jobs that he needs to do. There are many other examples across all verticals where this will allow ShareRing and CanYa to be the marketplace of choice for the global sharing and service economies.


We are very pleased to announce a strategic agreement with CanYa that will help make use of both respective communities to help strengthen our projects individually and to collectively build stronger, decentralised, global marketplaces. We share many ideals, and have a similar global perspective of how a distributed, token based economy can look as it relates to services, and independent entreprise. We look forward to working together, to help build a decentralised future both in tangible collaborative projects, and in support of each other as projects and as people.

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