ShareRing x Quarteria!

ShareRing, the world’s first trusted token specifically designed for the sharing economy, has announced a partnership that will dramatically alter the global real estate industry. The newfound partnership with Quarteria, a decentralized real estate network built on the NEO blockchain, will leverage the power of blockchain technology and the token economy to provide seamless, efficient, and cost-effective transactions within global real estate. The ShareRing platform will soon be integrated with Quarteria’s system, such that real estate rentals can be completed through ShareRing’s database and token.

The Quarteria platform, which is in the Tier 2 phase of its token sale, seeks to provide three essential real estate services. First and foremost, it houses an international directory that utilizes an open source algorithm to give equal opportunity to all properties, buyers, and sellers. The company cuts down on the sky-high fees that other real estate companies typically charge to view their inventories. Second, Quarteria creates a marketplace where renters, buyers, and sellers can interact through a peer-to-peer network. This includes mundane tasks like uploading documents all the way to processing payments through decentralized tokens. The blockchain maintains an immutable record of consumer data, yet does so in a secured and anonymous manner. Third, the platform facilitates auctions whose sale details are recorded on the blockchain, creating an irreversible and auditable record of real estate transactions.

As a result of the partnership with ShareRing, Quarteria users will be able to access rental properties through the ShareRing database and pay for their rentals in ShareRing tokens. They will be able to choose from a wide variety of rental properties — ranging from full-sized family houses to studio apartments — for any amount of time. Weekend vacations and one year leases alike can be booked through the platform, all payable with ShareRing’s decentralized cryptocurrency. This opens up the doors for global travel, in addition to greatly aiding those who are considering a longer term trip overseas. Now, fiat currencies and rental logistics don’t have to hinder well-thought out plans.

The Quarteria team is very excited about the prospect of working with ShareRing, commenting, “As complete supporters of the blockchain’s inherent collaborative spirit, we at Quarteria are very proud to announce a partnership with ShareRing.” They anticipate the relationship will bring many more years of fruitful business, in addition to expanding the capabilities of blockchain technology to the world of real estate.

The ShareRing team is also grateful for the business opportunity, saying, “We are very excited to be working with Quarteria to be part of the real estate value chain. By facilitating after-sale rentals via the ShareRing platform, we can be part of the end to end solution for property investors.”.

Everyone on earth is connected to real estate markets in some way, shape, or form. The new and exciting alliance between ShareRing and Quarteria will undoubtedly prove beneficial to businesses and consumers alike, all made possible by the power of the blockchain.