The Loop Issue # 7

Keeping you in the loop with Sharesies.

💖 Investing

Our Vision: We want someone with $50 to have the same investment opportunities as someone with $50,000.

O N E W E E K until Demo Day the grand finale of the Fintech Accelerator where we pitch to both investors and the general public.

As you know we decided to do a convertible note raise which is now closed 🎉. Next, we’re gearing up for our equity raise that will kick off later this year.

Someone turns the big 3 O today!

Happy 30th Leighton

Talking about big deals…we also got these bad boys this week which we wore proudly in Auckland.

Sharesies t-shirts

Oh & since our last Loop, our key metrics have gone ↑↑↑:

  • 9,467 visits to (↑30%)
  • 7,291 unique visitors to our site (↑30%)
  • 3,535 followers on Facebook (↑32%)
  • 2,090 beta signups (↑48%)

Over the next few weeks we will be focussed on:

  1. Sharesies Alpha testing
  2. Pitching up a storm
  3. ……a little something special….


We’ve had our head in the clouds this week….well at least for 2 hours as we went to Auckland to pitch and meet with an array of potential partners.

Wellington view (we didn’t argue over who gets to sit at the window…promise 😋)

Product progress

  • Just going through the final steps pre launch
  • Awaiting some external dependencies which aren’t too far away now.

Driving up content = driving up leads

Met with investment groups who are now completing due diligence.

Had great conversations with potential partners such as banks, funds and insurance providers.

We’ve also been selected to be a part of the ALPHA programme at the RISE conference in Hong Kong in July ✈️

We’re coming for you in July Hong Kong!


Can we please get your help with:

  1. Office space. We are looking for a room that fits up to 10 that has external windows and based in Wellington — if something comes to mind let us know.
  2. Send anyone you know who may be interested in our beta product launch to sign-up on
  3. Share these updates: We also post these updates here so please share to your networks and online

Challenges / struggles

This week has been a little emotional. First time playing with our beta brought a wee tear to our eyes. Also we had a tough meeting but ended up coming out of it with a great solution for all. Sometimes a bit of headspace to find a clear solution is all that’s needed 🙏🏻

Shout outs & thank you!

Massive shout out to the following people who have given us their valuable time over the last few weeks.

Kate, Jack, David, Alex, Hayden, Cecillia, Trevor, Brett, Kristen, Ian, Mandy, Asa, Jenny, Tom, Craig, Chris, Geoff, Rachel, Paul, Michael, Kirsty, Sam, Craig, Lewis, Will, Dean, Stuart, Nicky, Mike, Rick, Jacqueline, Robbie, Barnaby, Peter, Anna, David, Yogesh, Sian, Pallas, Michael, Mathew, Alex, Lee, Andrew, Richard, Doug, Owen & Paula.

Also to the Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator for putting on a sweet inter-accelerator competition.

#FintechFairies were victorious on the night ♕

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.

Cheers from the Sharesies founders,

Brooke, Sonya, Leighton, Martyn, Richard & Ben