Guts over fear? Guide love into your mind.

The mind is a pattern recognising machine.

Copyright. Drew Northcott

It goes for things you like and want to see, as for your fears. A car you like will suddenly pop everywhere, and the fear that you have with bee’s will make it pop for you. Its not happening more in your life than any other person. You’re simply recognising it more, therefor it will look like an avalanche of happenings. Bee’s are not suddenly here to eat you alive.

Again, these can be either good or not so good patterns.

Happy thoughts vs Fearful Thoughts

Now, these patterns can manifest as events meaning they can actually take place.

E.g. (A bee will start following you or at a table with 4 people, somehow the bee will only come for you!! Arghh!)

So although, it’s safe to say that even if not real to begin with, these fears can eventually manifest if you keep pushing them and giving them your energy. They may not come exactly as you portrait them, but they will manifest in real life.

The fact that they come to you in the form of a thought or already manifested in your reality is a chance to look at them. And its sort of easy to illustrate in an image of how we see these type of thoughts “fears”, compared to the happy, what we consider normal (another sign of our neglect towards them), thoughts.

Can you see the power of expression? How intimidating is one face compared to the other. Happy Thoughts vs Fearful Thoughts

It is also a great illustration of how we react to these thoughts. Right? When we have a happy thought our internal reaction to it is the image from the left, when we have a fearful thought our internal reaction to it is the right image.

No wonder they will keep calling for attention! We instantly go clashing against the fearful thought. We quickly want to kick them out of our minds! And we end up brutalising our fears. We see it and we react! Right? Wrong!

What we should do, is realise that our fears are going nowhere unless we take action.

Another example with the same persons face is even more recognisable this sense of primitive response we have towards both. We feel connected (happy thoughts) to the first and intimidated by the second (fearful thoughts).

One question — How easy would you judge to be fighting with the guy on the left? What about the guy on the right? (This highlights how we perceive to be difficult to face our fears. Even if they’re part of us, just as much as the expression on the left.)

What kind of action should we take towards our fears?

I would say do not justify the patterns in your mind that are currently bothering you. Understand that those patterns and those fears will not go away unless we look at them straight in the eye. The key approach here is to understand the fear, find what part of it makes some sort of sense and focus on spotting the irrational side of it.

Now guide it!

What do I mean by guiding? Understand that the fear is like a child scared with something. Scared that for the first time he or she see’s a dog and it looks scary. As a child we had our parents telling us that it’s safe, that it’s alright.

Today if you’re a grown up woman or man you have to become that for yourself. Become the father or the mother, that takes the child (fear) by the hand and shows that the dog is ok, that his fun, see? You can actually pet him! That when you actually go and face it there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Understanding that at first it looked wild and unpredictable and aggressive but that he just wants to play. (What you’re doing is guiding your inner child.)

Only then the healing will begin.

So no, don’t throw your fears away cause they don’t serve you. No. Don’t kick them out cause you’re too busy “Becoming your greatest version”. Don’t look at them like this yourself:

Cause if you do… Guess what reaction you will get from it?

More fear. And guess how big and powerful will they become?

Remember you are not fighting your fears or ignoring them, you’re understanding them for what they are.

A manifestation of scared parts of you that need healing.

Let’s not be our own bullies.

Show them that it’s ok, no matter how many times we may need to reinforce it, until they realise that it’s ok, and there’s no longer a purpose or foundation for it.

“Cause they don’t serve you…?”

They do serve you.
They give you chance to be human.
A chance to be understanding with yourself in a level that not many feelings make you. 
Cause we all felt how our fears can bring us to our knees, oh they can!

But sure enough…

Finally, they make you grow stronger, stronger to lead the way, courageous enough to show your inner child that even if you could also be fearful, you chose not to. Better even! It’s not that you chose not to be.

It’s just that you don’t need to be.
Not anymore.

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