How to distinguish your Higher Self(Intuition) from your Ego

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The inner conversation and who’s talking?

Again I’m gonna share with you the answers I got for myself in the hopes it makes it clearer for you, how to distinguish your Higher Self from your Ego. Maybe it can help and I’m willing to take that risk :)

If you’re reading this, it probably means you know what one thing and the other is and so there’s no point for me on doing my interpretation of those concepts related to our-self.

What you want to know is the characteristics of one and the other so that, when you listen to they’re voices, you are more aware of who is advising you. And by this, I mean, you are self-advising/self-talking all the time, the question is, who is running the show most of the time? Your higher self or the ego?

Still Image, Walt Disney Pictures, “The Emperor’s New Groove”

In a simpler way we can perceive them through this common place/illustration. And whether we listen to one instead of the other is our choice. 
As a common illustration it serves to make our point even though, the Ego(Devil), is not necessarily bad and it can be disciplined to work in our favour.

What works for me is I try not to give into dualities or binary ways of thinking and perceiving, cause the lack of understanding of all other possibilities, and the focus on the extremes, these trends, are to begin with, Egotistical.

I think we both know how much the Ego loves the extremes.

This gives you the first hint and now we shall dive right into it.

My true self is…

An Unpretentious voice.
It is Honest, not because thats the right thing to be, but because IT IS WHAT IT IS, it cannot be what it is not.
It has no second intentions & no hidden agenda.

The strength of my words or actions, done or visualised, doesn’t come from a place of vengeance, payback or reactiveness to anyone or anything.

It’s a calm and honest voice — the ego is usually chatter — with no malice or bad intentions.

That’s the real me!
And I believe that’s the real you.

The Higher Self is understanding of the Ego

More so, you can spot the Higher Self or the Ego talking, observing they’re way of being.

If I insist a lot on being right when discussing with others, then I know the others are now talking not with me, but with my ego.

The ego is the spoiled child and the higher self is the one mature enough to say to him:

Don’t be small! I understand you’re afraid but that doesn’t mean I will give into your fears. (With honesty, not in a patronising or condescending tone.)

The higher self looks at the ego with understanding and compassion, not with judgement. It knows the ego can’t do more, and that its not his fault. It, the higher self, knows the limitations of the Ego. Understanding his nature means it understands his limitations. There’s no judgement to be done afterwards.

Image by Jeff

Another hint is, the higher self is chilled even in the midst of caos. Nevertheless it will be standing on your feelings, not on your rational mind — that is now doing the math to escape or solve the caos.

So because its rooted on your feelings it can probably be feeling overwhelmed while at the same time having a clear picture of what to do, if you really focus on it.

In a place where your Higher Self would disagree with something, your thoughts would start to sound like “To be honest…” or “I don’t feel…” but more so it has to do with the tone of the voice. Yes! The higher self also says “no” to things and also “wants”. But it doesn’t say “NO!” out of spite like the Ego does. That’s the difference!

When the higher self rejects something, it does it so through understanding (compassion), not by exploding in your face. If anything it will look like an “Eureka” moment and everything will make sense as you start to connect the dots.

If you think you know what’s best for other people, close ones or strangers, most likely that’s the ego speaking.

I know what works for me, thats all I can talk about. At my best I can be someone that you identify with and by us sharing that common ground we both get value.

For more answers you will have to discover for yourself and within yourself.
That’s the whole reason to be here anyway.
Search for them, question them and once you hear certainty that is not full of itself, or looking for approval, you’ve found your true self.

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I feel like “It” is more adequate for the higher self and “He” for the ego. The ego is more personified — persona — the higher self is energy.

Does it make sense to you? Would you add to this?
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