The law of Ambition

Is your ambition exhausting you?

Ambition is the most powerful thing in the world. But it comes with a big risk. If you worry too much about success, you put the task at risk because you think you are doing the task to become successful and not because you actually want to do it. And you fail!

You and your ambition must understand each other very well. You both have to fight together on the same battlefield rather than being torn in separate directions. Ambition demands a lot from you, more than you can ever imagine. Being prepared for it puts you in a better position to succeed with it.

Ambition is the crow whose thirst can only be quenched with success. But how is it possible to satiate it when thinking of success may lead to failure? The stakes are high, but so is the ambition.

There’s only one way I know and that’s the discovery of an all-consuming passion which sets you on fire.

IF (It’s a very big ‘if’) we can find something (an interest, a product, a place… it can be anything) that engulfs us with love, commitment, devotion, curiosity and every positive adjective we can think of- so much we cannot live without it and every thought of ours grinds to make schemes for it, we have the basis for us becoming ambitious.

And that’s the only way I’ve ever known.