I Surrender

Shoukri K.
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1 min readJul 1, 2015


Sometimes I wonder whether the best work or years of my life are in front of me, or whether they are the ones that passed.

Maybe my barriers to the best work of my life are not the knowledge and experience ones but rather are mental and spiritual. When I imagine the best work of my life I think about what is cool, what is hip, what people would want or like, or will see as great, or as an accomplishment.

I always advise people not to care about what others think of them. Yet I do. I care what people think of me. Even though that me, being one of the people, I never judge.

Now that I think about all of this and If i am to find my life’s mission then I am to :

  • Stop trying to force it
  • Stop chasing it
  • Stop waiting for it
  • Stop faking it
  • Stop caring about what people think
  • Stop caring about what I personally think.
  • Stop judging myself

But I am to do two things

Surrender … and … Listen …

Now that I look back at the great things I have accomplished to date I realize that it wasn’t my accomplishment, it wasn’t my genius, or wit, or prowess that made it happen. In fact it wasn’t even me.

It was that it was meant to be.

It was when I best Listened … and Surrendered….