Monkey with a loaded typewriter

Gerard McLean entered the world of the alter ego in 2007, blogging as Rufus, an agile-minded German Shepard who explored a variety of subjects from family history and job stress to neighborhood etiquette, the challenges of the educational system in America and maintaining a home. His soapbox:

Rufus quickly developed a following of early adopters who embraced his acerbic point of view, which included regular helpings of bashing his “editor,” who was continually putting obstacles in his way and interfering with his quirky creative process. His bemoaning of the fact he stayed in the doghouse more than he was allowed to roam the parklands and parkways of Dayton, Ohio, became a staple on the LetsBlogOff scene, a biweekly riff by blogging aficionados who had plenty to get off their chests.
 The fact that Rufus’ chest was a furry one and that he visited the vet rather than the doctor meant little to the group of experimentally minded writers.

This collection of essays stems from posts Rufus crafted as he explored what it meant to be doggedly human in a digital world- was there room for either man or beast in this fast-paced mélange of dynamic engagement? We’ll let you be the judge. The only certainty in this material is that there was one entity channeling another: whether the vessel was Gerard or Rufus, will we ever know? Furthermore, does it really matter?

When people think you are a dog on the Internet, they will follow you everywhere. — Rufus Dogg

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