Centuri Update: You can now change your wallet where you hold SHP and receive your service fees!

The latest Centuri update relates to the new feature that allows users to create an account and use the platform without having an ETH wallet and/or owing any SHP. These users get the chance to use the platform and learn how everything works, before purchasing SHP tokens and earning service fees.

Once you purchase SHP tokens you will be eligible to receive monthly service fees, proportional to your stake. You can change your wallet in the platform, and your service fees and stake will be associated with this address.

From now on, you can change your wallet on the user menu and all the user actions related to your wallet will be recorded in the new one.

Enter new Ethereum Address
Verification of ownership of transfer

Why have we created this feature?

Some of our users decided to change the wallet they initially registered with to another one, moving all of their SHP from one wallet to another, this could have been motivated for security reasons, to use a hardware wallet or simply, to recycle wallets. Until now, we had to manually deal with these changes by taking a snapshot, as the sentiment provided and collected would relate to the old wallet and not the new one, holding the SHP.

Additionally, this feature allows us to expand Centuri to a non-crypto savvy user base, who perhaps have no knowledge of ERC20 tokens, but would still benefit from using the platform to learn about financial markets. Bringing new audiences to the platform increases the value for all participants involved, and increases the usefulness of the data we collect each month.

Note: We have restrained the wallet change to one change per month, per user. We will review this limit in future if there is demand from our users to change their wallet more often.

Let us know your thoughts on this new feature.

Talk to the Team
The best place to reach out to the Sharpe team is through Telegram, at t.me/sharpecapital. Alternatively, please feel free to email us at hello@sharpe.capital.

Get Sharpe Centuri
You can use the Centuri alpha at centuri.sharpe.capital.

How Can I Buy SHP?
We recommend purchasing SHP using the Bancor Protocol, requiring just 5 clicks! SHP is also available through IDEX, ForkDelta and Qryptos.