Ever wanted to track your historical predictions in detail?

Now you can. We have released a new Centuri platform feature that allows you to see where you have gone right and, let’s hope not, wrong!

Ever wondered about your prediction outcome, why you got some right and others wrong? Sharpe has released a new feature on the Centuri app that will help you improve your predictions. It’s as simple as the image below, to track the outcome of your predictions simply click on the date you’d like to see.

Overview of historical predictions
Click on a prediction to view more detailed results

Why have we created this feature?

Because, investing should be about learning and information sharing too. Let us know your thoughts on this new feature.

Talk to the Team

The best place to reach out to the Sharpe team is through Telegram, at t.me/sharpecapital. Alternatively, please feel free to email us at hello@sharpe.capital.

Get Sharpe Centuri

You can use the Centuri alpha at centuri.sharpe.capital.

How Can I Buy SHP?

We recommend purchasing SHP using the Bancor Protocol, requiring just 5 clicks! SHP is also available through IDEX, ForkDelta and Qryptos.